Add beauty and safety to your environment with decorative and privacy fencing.  


Urbano Enterprises, Inc. can add gates with mechanisms of any type for fence access.  Based upon individual taste and preference, Urbano Enterprises, Inc. offers a wide variety of fences, along with decorative tops you can select to suit your environment and personal taste.


Vinyl & PVC:


  • No maintenance or replacement costs
  • Continuous “Brand New” appearance
  • Resist cracks, rotting, splitting and termite damage
  • PVC fences resist UV rays
  • Privacy Fences - Lawn and Garden, Pools
  • Pickets



  • Durable finish avoids scrapping, sanding and painting
  • Pickets
  • Ornamental designs can be customized for playgrounds, schools, pools, apartments, condominums, private residences, shopping centers


Chain Link:

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe for Commercial and Residential Use