Franco --                                                                        September 1, 2012

I want to take a few minutes to compliment you and your company for the projects that you have completed for my wife and me. Some of the projects are: Repair and then Peplacement of the Roof, Painting of the whole outside of the house, Installation of an Irrigation System in the front and back yards, Installation of Gutters and Downspouts, Sealing of the Driveway, Cleaning and Sealing of the tile Pool Surround, Painting of all interior Ceilings, and Installing Granite Countertops and Backsplashes, new Cabinet Doors and surrounding woodwork and all woodwork around the Center Island as well as a new double sink with an Instant Hot Water Focet.Replaced Pantry doors to match rest of the new woodwork.I'm sure I have forgotten some of the projects you have done for us SINCE 2006 but it certainly is not because we weren't completely satisfied. I have recommended your company to others because I was sure that they would be as satisfied as we have been. As I have told you in the past, YOU will be the first person I call when we need something done.

M. Tellan


From: Rick Hodgdon


Good morning Franco:

It is with great pleasure that I write about my experience with you and your enterprise.

When we purchased our condo in Feb. 2009 the first concern that we had was replacement of windows.  We scouted out several organizations and came up frustrated.  I eventually questioned our realtor who gave us your name.  Now, you have to understand that our initial contact and contract was purely by phone, since we live in New Jersey.  I trusted the recommendation by our realtor, and when speaking with you, I felt confident that you would do good by us.  You had the windows installed within the time said.  We were able to see the job one week later.  The rooms were clean and no sign of construction mess.

Six months later we had you install screening to close in our balcony.  Unfortunately we did not give you much time to do it, since we were coming down for a vacation.  You said that it would be done one day before or if the latest the first day we arrived.  Well true to your word, weather caused you to delay, and you did make the entire installation the day we arrived.   No interference with our living style..  A beautiful job.

Now for the big project!   Total kitchen remodeling.  That same week that you installed the screening, we asked you about remodeling the kitchen.  Measurements were taken, and over a course of the next month, we now being in NJ, plans were finalized.  Due to the extent of the project, we decided to meet at the condo after the initial rip out and rough in of electric and plumbing.  We went over some minor changes and left confident that upon our return in the next 4 weeks that all would be done.  

True to your word, all was perfect.  The entire kitchen was gleaming  with envy from the newly installed tile floor, up to the extensive granite counters and back splash,  up to the cabinets, finishing with the custom ceiling.  Your choice of lighting was ideal.  This I left to your discretion, and you went over the top in choice.  No where did you cut corners in this project.  

One knows that this type of project creates a mess within the entire residence.  Of course furniture was covered and doors closed but still dust does creep into and under protection.  When we arrived, all of the coverings were removed and the furniture replaced to their positions and all was mopped and dusted!!!!   This was not in the contract !!  You did it because when you take on a project, it is from the beginning to the end.

I cannot say enough about the kitchen.  You truly went beyond and gave us a beautiful kitchen.  I can truly recommend  to anyone, and I will ,since my sister and husband will be buying soon in Florida, your organization with confidence.    Working from such a distance ,as we have, was my nightmare and was my hesitation about buying in Florida from NJ,  but  you have made it comfortable.  Our next project:  Bathroom renovation. 

 See you soon.





From: Carole Keitel


I was very pleased with your work on the roof to my porch addition to our home. Before we found you, we had several companies "fix" the leaks where the roof attached to the main house, none of which solved the problem.  Not only was your work professional, clean and a permanent  solution, but you kept in touch with us to make sure we were still satisfied. I would certainly recommend you!


C. Keitel






Hi Mr. Urbano:  I am very happy to send you this e-mail which you may use freely in your business marketing.  You may also use me as a reference. 


My name is Edie Scherer and I am a Broker/Associate with Coldwell Banker R.E., Weston office.  I have been with Coldwell close to 30 years.  Recently, I had a difficult situation with a clients who had maintenance issues on their home.  Due to financial matters, the home, although beautiful, had fallen into disrepair and we could not close the transaction until the deficiencies were fixed.  I turned to Mr. Urbano's company who had been referred to me by a past client.  I found him to be wonderful to work with.  Mr. Urbano's staff was on time, worked quickly and responsibly.  Promises were made and kept. Prices were reasonable as was Mr. Urbano himself.  I would recommend him again and use him myself in my own home should the need arise.  Please feel free to contact me directly for more information,  Regards,