Many structures suffer devastating results from poor waterproofing.  As a result, humidity acts negatively upon all structures.  Negative effects can present themselves in several ways, creating health problems (mold and mildew), structure deterioration, facility damage and others.

Waterproofing is defined as "the treatment of a surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure." Water exerts a pressure of 62.4 pounds per square foot of depth because water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot. Therefore, water lying against a barrier exerts a steadily increasing pressure as the depth of the water increases. The waterproofing treatment keeps water from penetrating into the building's interior.

Let our team of professional general contractors at Urbano Enterprises, Inc. visit you to access your requirements and present a professional Estimate (all at NO charge) to completely waterproof your what is needed so to maintain the integrity and value of your valuable investment!

Professional Procedure

We use predictive engineering techniques to identify the current status of waterproofing.

We generate a comprehensive and complete report and estimate outlining the process and cost for treatment of the surfaces.

We abide by all rules and regulations of associations and communities.  Once our estimates and proposals are approved, we perform waterproofing to the areas identified in need of correction.